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[Information on regular quarantine Inspection of CESCO to bed bugs]

Recently, there has been a report on the occurrence of pests at hotels in Korea.
We thoroughly clean and disinfect bed linens from collection to washing.
After spraying chemicals with each cart to be collected for disinfection and quarantine.
Our Washing temperature is 55℃, high temperature steam drying with 95℃,
iron temperature 140~150℃.
Since bedbug can be removed at high temperatures.
We expect 100% removed of pest through both chemical and high temperature method.
In addition, we promise that we pay deep attention to detect and eliminate bedbug early through regular inspections of guest rooms by specialized companies.
We will always do our best to provide safe and better service so that Hotel Gracery Seoul.
Thank you.

BED BUG free facility

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Hotel Gracery Seoul is located in the Namdaemun area of Myeongdong, Seoul.

Near the hotel are many 24-hour eateries frequented by foreign travelers, as well as the “Gourmet Ally” of Bukchang-dong.

Located just a 1-minute walk from Namdaemun (the South Great Gate)—the first National Treasure of South Korea—and 3-minutes from Namdaemun Market—the largest conventional market in Korea, Hotel Gracery Seoul offers convenient access to some of Seoul’s most famous tourist spots.

The hotel faces Seoul’s main street of Sejong-daero, which leads to Seoul Plaza and Gwanghwamun Gate.

Also located nearby is Seoul Station offering rail access to regional day-trip destinations outside the city.

Bathrooms with a separate toilet—well-received by many hotel guests—are planned for all rooms, ensuring visitors the best opportunity to relax and enjoy their stay. Various services including tourist information services are also provided at the Front Desk to provide guests with as comfortable a stay as possible.

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