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Cookie usage at WHG Hotels (Washington Hotel, Hotel Gracery, Hotel Fujita)

This website uses cookies in accordance with the following policies in order to improve usability and to provide you with the best information.


1. What are cookies?


A cookie is a piece of text that is stored in your browser when you visit a website.
This text information includes login information, language settings set in the browser, and other display information settings from this website.
Cookies send status information from the website’s server to the browser you use and reply to the server from the same browser.
* Status information is information that registers what your browsing status is.
This status information contains the session ID, the language you set when viewing, the cookie’s own expiration response field, and other information.
During the life of the cookie, the browser updates the above status information when you visit a site other than this website and shares it with the server.

Cookies are divided into two types depending on how long they are set for.

• Session cookies
Session cookies are deleted as soon as you exit the browser or leave the website.

• Permanent cookies
Permanent cookies remain until the expiration date or until they are deleted using the browser’s functionality.


2. Purpose and use of cookies


Cookies are used primarily for the following purposes:

(1) For the purpose of managing authentication functions and providing information

• Properly manage authentication information for website visitors to ensure that authentication functions operate properly.
• Optimize user-friendliness for the user and improve the user-friendliness of page navigation.
After you agree to accept cookies on your device, we store the text information that is needed to browse the website.

(2) For the purpose of improving operability

• Record device display settings (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, location of use, etc.) to optimize website display and configuration.
• Save the specific information entered for improved operability on the next visit (including displaying the visitor’s name, etc. if the visitor has a user account).
• Allow you to quickly access your personal page by saving previously entered login information.
These cookies may be used to collect, research, and test information in order to improve our services and the like.

(3) For the purpose of obtaining the usage status of the site

• The aim is to improve the user’s comfort by recording their interaction with our website (most visited pages, functions used, etc.).
These cookies may collect statistics and test different ways of displaying information in order to make it more relevant.
These cookies may collect statistics and test different ways of displaying information in order to improve the relevance and usability of our services.

(4) For the purpose of optimizing advertising placement

• The aim is to provide users with highly relevant and targeted advertising content (best offers, other destinations, etc.) in the advertising space of other sites.
• The aim is to reduce the number of ad impressions.

(5) Affiliates

• Identify third-party websites the user visited to access this website.

(6) Social media

Identify third-party websites the user visited to access this website.
You can share your opinions about our website on social media using the “Share” or “Like” application buttons.
Social media apps may be able to identify users on the social media platforms involved without having to click on the application buttons.
This is because social media accounts are set to enable identification.
Please read our social media policy to find out how we use the information we may collect, especially with relation to advertising.


3. Consent


The installation of specific cookies is subject to your consent.
You will also be asked if you give your consent to the installation of this type of cookie when you first visit our website.
This cookie is only active if you give your consent.

This process is supported by an information banner on the home page of our website.
By continuing to browse, you agree to the installation of cookies that require your consent.

You may change this setting at any time using the various methods described in the section “Deleting and blocking cookies.”


4. Deleting and blocking cookies


There are several ways to delete cookies and other tracers.


• Browser settings

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can apply the following settings as you wish:
You can choose to accept all cookies, to always block cookies, or to accept cookies based on the sender.

You can also set whether to accept cookies each time before they are installed.
In addition, you can set your browser to periodically delete cookies from your device.
Remember to configure these settings in all browsers on your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

Each browser has different settings for managing cookies and setting your preferences.
You can find information in your browser’s help menu on how to change cookie preferences.

This is how to set up cookies in popular browsers:

● For Microsoft Edge®:

● For Safari®:

● For Chrome®:

● For Firefox®:

● For Opera®:

You can change your cookie preferences at any time, free of charge, depending on your browser software settings.
If your browser is set to accept cookies, the cookies embedded in the pages or content you view may be temporarily stored on your device.
These can only be read by the party that issued the cookies.

However, you can reject cookies by changing your browser settings.
If you reject cookies, some functions, pages, and spaces of this website will no longer be available.
Please note that the hotel cannot be held responsible in this case.


• About cookie settings on professional advertising platforms

Some professional advertising platforms also allow you to choose whether to accept or block the cookies used by member companies.
These centralized mechanisms only prevent the installation of cookies that display ads tailored to your interests, rather than blocking ads from being displayed.
They do not block ads from being displayed.

For example, by visiting a site called, you can block the installation of these cookies on your device.
This website is provided by digital advertising experts affiliated with the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance.
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